Top ten kitchen chimney in India 2021

top ten kitchen chimney

If you are planning to buy a new kitchen chimney and are confused about how to select best kitchen chimney from top ten kitchen chimney, then this is the right article for you to learn about selecting a good kitchen chimney.

Our detailed research will help you to choose the right kitchen chimney. So choose your best kitchen chimney from our list of top ten kitchen chimney in India.

Kitchen chimney is best appliance to remove smoke, grease, accumulation of oil droplets etc. from your kitchen

 It also helps in keeping your kitchen ventilated as compared to the conventional exhaust fans because exhaust fan only get rid from smoke while other impurities such as carbon, germ oil etc. remains which require further cleaning.

What will you read, let’s look a sight.

Why Kitchen Chimney is Necessary for your Kitchen?

Kitchen chimneys are used above the gas stoves because it absorb fumes and remove smoke, odour so your kitchen  feel smoke free along with good ventilation.

The main reason of kitchen chimney to directly placed above the gas stove is, that it work easier in absorbing the soot( black powder that comes from burning things ) and grimes, heavy grease/oils.

Watch this short video to understand it.

Top 10 Best Kitchen Chimney Brands in India 2021

When it comes to the kitchen there are so many companies that are in the market. In kitchen chimneys, only a few companies are outperforming the reach by providing the appliance that both super functional and well decorative. The following companies are most popular in India.

  1. Seavy   
  2. Elica  
  3. Hindware   
  4. Faber    
  5. Glen  
  6. Eurodomo 
  7. Sunflame         
  8. Pureflame        
  9. Prestige      
  10. Pigeon     

Types of Kitchen Chimneys

Mainly Kitchen Chimneys are two types:-

1. Ducted Kitchen Chimney 

The Ducted kitchen chimney throw the cooking fumes directly to the outside from kitchen via duct.

top ten kitchen chimney    top ten kitchen chimney

What happens inside the Ducted Kitchen Chimneys???

 Ducted kitchen chimney connected to a duct with pipe that carry the particles away from the kitchen to the outdoor means it throw the air out from the kitchen.

Air that is sucked, is passes through the filters. Grease and grim stick to the filters and the air is expelled out through pvc pipe or duct. The number of bend and the length of hose pipe affect the suction power.

2. Ductless Kitchen Chimney

The Ductless kitchen chimneys filter the fumes removes carbon, oil etc. and then refreshed air is circulated back into the kitchen.

top ten kitchen chimney

What happens inside the Ductless Kitchen Chimneys???

Ductless kitchen chimney filter the air which is suck by chimney and then blowing it back out into the kitchen using re-circulation process.

The filter of ductless kitchen chimney often contains activated charcoal or carbon which helps to remove odour and smoke particles from the air which can then be cleanly recirculated back throughout the kitchen.

It must be necessary in this chimney to clean or change the activated charcoal filter about once or twice a year or how frequently you use it depends on you.

 Kitchen Chimneys Based on Installation

Based on installation chimney means where they can be placed/fitted in the kitchen, these kitchen chimneys can be categorized in the following types:-


Wall mounted chimneys are widely used/preferred model. They are fitted against the wall right above where the gas stove is placed and works well in exhausting.

The wall mount is the best suitable design for a traditional Indian household. They are budget friendly compared to island chimneys so it is a budget solution for home use.


Corner chimneys are placed in the corner areas of the kitchen just above the stove/counter top against the wall. These chimney create more performance issues and difficulties so it is not usually preferred by the users.


The Straight-line or built-in chimney is preferred when you don’t have enough space for the hood in your kitchen. It is installed in such a way that they’re not visible and get perfectly blend in with the kitchen.

Built in chimney is designed for modern kitchens and people who don’t want to spoil their modern kitchen look and are looking for compact chimneys.

These chimneys ideal for people who gave importance to kitchen aesthetics and interior design.


Island chimney is fitted in the middle of the kitchen. The Island type of model is most suitable for modern kitchen where the stove is located in the center.

top ten kitchen chimney

It require a long duct because the wall is far from it. These are generally expensive than the wall mounted chimneys.

Design of Kitchen Chimneys

Kitchen chimneys are available with a long-range of designs in the market. The selection of the design has a huge impact on the interior design of the kitchen.

Hence, according to the interior design of your kitchen, you have to select the most suitable design. To find the most suitable chimney, you should check all the designs first to match the interior design of the kitchen.

Now discuss the different designs of chimneys.

1.Curved Glass Chimney

Curved glass kitchen chimneys are the most popular models in the India. The stunning look suits most of the Indian style kitchens. 

2.Straight Glass Chimney
Straight glass chimneys are one of the cheapest models available in the market. The look of the straight glass kitchen chimneys are not as great as curved glass kitchen chimneys but are decent.

3.Box Type Chimney
As the name suggests, this type of chimney has a box-type extension attached to the hood. This may look a bit bulky and suitable for old fashioned kitchens. 

4.Angular Chimney
Angular kitchen chimneys are absolutely great in design. It might suit perfectly if you have a kitchen with great interior design. These types of chimneys are faced in an angular direction that looks great.

5.Pyramid Chimney
The pyramid type kitchen chimneys are the best option for you if you are looking for the cheapest product. As the name indicates, the shape of these type of chimneys are like a pyramid that looks good but a bit bulky compared to curved and straight glass chimneys.

How Does the Kitchen Chimney Work?

 Kitchen chimney has a hood mounted directly over the gas stoves/ counter tops. Inside the chimney you can see a powerful fan which exhausts the burnt gases/smokes from the stove to the outside from kitchen through a piped duct.     

Sending the smoke directly from the gas stove to outside is very effective method rather than a simple exhaust fan. All the burnt exhaust gasses and oil fumes, masala fumes are sucked out immediately.

Since the smokes, soot and grime are exhausted out immediately, it makes your work comfortable. 

Top Auto Clean Kitchen Chimneys in India 2021

Auto clean technology provide zero or least maintenance facility. In auto clean kitchen chimney a separate oil collector box is provided.whatever particles present like cooking fumes are collected in this collector.

These detachable oil collector box have washed once a month or depending on usage you have just press “Auto Clean” button and see the magic.

Once you switch the chimney ON, the coil that cover the motor gets heated up for 15 to 20 mins. The oil gets liquidized and is let out. The chimney stops after auto cleaning itself.

Kitchen Chimney Buyer’s Guide 

How To Choose The Best Chimney For Your Kitchen? 

Before choosing any of the options for yourself you need to look at the terminology which we are explaining here to make a worthy purchase. 

top ten kitchen chimney

Some Terminology Related to the Kitchen Chimneys

 Here are given most important terminology. Read it before to buy a kitchen chimney these help you to understand the kitchen chimney technology and make easier your buyer decision.

1. Suction Power

Suction Power is the capacity of the motor to suck oil particles and odour. It measured in m3/hr. Normally a home with a smaller kitchen requires a suction capacity of 500 m3/hr to 700 m3/hr.

Whereas a home with spacious kitchen requires between 700 m3/hr to 1250 m3/hr.

2. Filters
Filters trapes the oil particles and purifies the air.

(i) Mesh Filter
The layers of mesh aluminium has very small holes when the air passes through the filter the oil and grime adhere to the layers so the holes of filter get clogged very soon and the filter blocking the holes and thus the suction power gets reduced.

(ii) Baffle Filter
The layers of aluminium are overlapped in a fashion which changes the direction of air flow. It uses the cut and chop technology to separate oil and spices from smoke.
The suction power not affected even if the oil gets collected in the layer.

(iii) Charcoal Filter
They are primarily used for odour absorption. It has a block with charcoal granules. The absorption capacity depends upon the thickness of filter and size of charcoal granules.

It is used in Ductless chimneys. It does not come with in-built in chimneys always but available at an extra cost.

3. Noise
Here noise means the noise that is heard, is that of the air circulation. You may like to consider this before buying your chimney.

The chimney works till you stop all you’re cooking, choosing a noise-less or min noise will be a better option. Preferable Noise-levels are 51 to 62 Decibels.
Some chimneys have a silent-kit installed which makes it silent or less noise.

4. Detachable Oil Collector

It is an important feature to consider while buying the kitchen chimney. Many best kitchen chimneys comes with a removable oil collector that improves filter efficiency. These collectors are easy to attach and detach.

5. LED Lights

While buying kitchen chimney consider chimneys that provide good focus LED lights. LED lights provided to the chimney increase the focus on cooking and stove, LED lights illuminate the area directly below the chimney.

6. Ducting Requirements
According to the position of your kitchen in your house, a ductless or ducted kitchen chimney may be chosen mainly based on the ease of installation.

Ducted kitchen chimney is more effective. If you are very particular about having a fresh and odourless kitchen, the ducted chimney is the one for you.

7. Soft Push Buttons/Touch control panel
Soft push buttons or touch buttons allow the smooth operation of the chimney-like setting the suction power, auto cleaning, and much more.

9. Size/Width
Do not choose according to design or latest trends. To choose the right size chimney consider this perfect distance between your stove and chimney is anywhere between 65-75 cm.

Chimney size = The size of the Stove or Counter-tops.

2 or 3 burner stove – 60 cm Kitchen Chimney

3 to 5 burner stove – 90 cm kitchen chimney

Top ten wall mounted Auto clean Kitchen Chimneys

The well-equipped kitchen is essential in order to cook delicious dishes. The most important thing a kitchen can’t be well equipped without installing the best kitchen chimney.

We are showing you top ten kitchen chimney, which can make a huge difference in making your kitchen neat and clean. Kitchen chimney is also known as exhaust hood.

Here are given 90 cm wall mounted Auto clean Kitchen Chimneys,These kitchen chimneys are suitable for 3 to 5 burner stove.

Also given 60 cm wall mounted Auto clean Kitchen Chimneys, These kitchen chimneys are suitable for 2 or 3 burner stove.

Chimneys are fixed onto the wall and hangs above the stove. It comes in various styles and designs. To find best one in top 10 kitchen chimney is difficult.

But don’t worry for you we have made a list of the top ten kitchen chimney and discuss each chimneys in detail to help you choose the one that fits your need and space.

Lets Begin with latest topmost ten kitchen chimney in India 2020.

1. Whirlpool 90 cm Auto Clean Wall Mounted Kitchen Chimney

The whirlpool range of kitchen chimneys are budget-friendly option also it comes with many essential features. It is first choice in our prime ten kitchen chimney. whirlpool  has brought a revolutionary change in the kitchen appliances by the cutting edge design and fine quality products to the customers.

The powerful motor with the suction capacity of 1100 m^3/hr works all day and gives you fresh air. Thus making it, one of the best kitchen chimney in India.

Heat Auto-clean technology which eliminates the hassle of manual clean-up and maintenance.

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Brand  Whirlpool
Size  90 cm
Suction Power 1100 m3/h
Filter Baffle filter
Design Curved Glass

Great Features

  • Concealed Motor.
  • Ducted Chimney.
  • 2 LED Lights.
  • Oil Collector Box.
  • 3 Speed Touch Control Panel.
  • High Quality Stainless Steel Body.
  • 58 db Noise Level.

2. Elica 90 cm Auto Clean Wall Mounted Kitchen Chimney

Elica range of chimneys come with style, function, compactness and most importantly very efficient. This chimney comes with Motion Sensor Technology that helps you perform certain functions on it by using simple hand gestures.

Waving your hand to right side will turn on this chimney, and waving any further to the right side will only increase its speed.

If you want to decrease this chimney’s speed, then you can wave your hand to the left side.

If you keep waving towards your left side, then you can turn off this chimney. This is an amazing feature in this chimney.

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Brand Elica
Size 90 cm
Suction Power 1200 m3/h
Filter Baffle filter
Design Curved Glass

Great Features

  • Ducted Chimney.
  • Heat Auto-clean technology.
  • Consume less power.
  • 58 db Noise Level.
  • 2 LED Lights which provide perfect lighting for cooking.
  • Oil Collector Box.
  • Touch Control Panel.

3. Eurodomo 90 cm Auto Clean Wall Mounted Kitchen Chimney

Eurodomo is a wall mount auto clean chimney which is good for a 3-5 burner gas stove. It has suction capacity of 1200 m3/hr which is perfect for heavy frying/grilling.

You don’t have to take tension of cleaning as this chimney has auto cleaning technology.

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Brand Eurodomo
Size 90 cm
Suction Power 1200 m3/h
Filter  filter less technology
Design Curved Glass

Great Features

  • Ducted Chimney.
  • Heat Auto-clean technology.
  • Touch Control Panel.
  • Gesture Control.
  • Glass Material.
  • 58 db Noise Level.
  • 2 LED Lights which provide perfect lighting for cooking.

4. Hindware Nevio 90 cm Auto Clean Wall Mounted Kitchen Chimney

The Hindware Nevio 90 chimney comes with an impressive suction capacity as high as 1200 m3/hr which effortlessly sucks all the harmful gases from the kitchen and makes a healthy & fresh environment.

It has Thermal Auto Clean Technology for hassle free cooking. The Hindware Nevio 90 is loaded with a powerful metallic blower that gives high efficiency to motors and maintains good suction capacity.

It comes with 2 LED lamps and one-touch controls on the front panel of the chimney and has a metal oil collector box that collects all the oil and grease which makes it easy to clean.

You can take out it once in a month to clean and re-attach.

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Brand Hindware
Size 90 cm
Suction Power 1200 m3/h
Filter Baffle filter
Design Curved Glass

Great Features

  • Premium Stainless Steel finish.
  • Ducted Chimney.
  • 57 db Noise Level.
  • Metallic Blower – It is connected to the duct system this feature ensures high air delivery, durability and noise.
  • 2 LED Lights which provide perfect lighting for cooking.
  • Touch Control Panel.
  • Steel and Glass Material.

5. Faber 90 cm Auto Clean Wall Mounted Kitchen Chimney

This will perfectly fit your modern kitchen. Its design coming in black makes it more classy and edgy in a way. It has 25% higher suction area than the other models in the market.


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Brand Faber
Size 90 cm
Suction Power 1500 m3/h
Filter 3 filter (Nylon, Carbon, Hepa)
Design Straight Glass

Great Features

  • Ducted Chimney.
  • 58 db Noise Level
  • Touch Control Panel.
  • 2 LED lamps which provide perfect lighting for cooking.
  • It comes with cooling fan and air purification technology.
  • 3 Layer filter.
  • Nylon Filter – It removes dirt and dust particles from air.
  • Carbon Filter – It is used to trap the gases, odour and neutralizes.
  • Hepa Filter – It removes very harmful particles like smoke, pollen etc.

6. Bosch 90 cm Auto Clean Wall Mounted Kitchen Chimney

Bosch chimneys comes with the largest baffle filters to have efficient suction. The motor have been designed in such a way to generate more power, thus sucking up smoke and odour with ultimate ease without making noise


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Brand   Bosch
Size   90 cm
Suction Power   745 m3/h
Filter   3 Baffle filter
Design   Box Type

Great Features

  • Ducted Chimney.
  • 73 db Noise Level.
  • Push Button Control Panel.
  • 3 Baffle filter.
  • 350 W high suction motor.
  • 2 LED Lamps which provide perfect lighting for cooking.
  • Material- steel.

7. Glen 90 cm Auto Clean Wall Mounted Kitchen Chimney

This is a very stylish chimney model that will add a premium look in your kitchen. It give good performance through its copper Italian Motor and its top as a thermal overload protector.


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Brand Glen
Size 90 cm
Suction Power 1050 m3/h
Filter Baffle filter
Design Curved Glass

Great Features

  • Heat Auto clean technology.
  • Ducted chimney.
  • Touch sensor control.
  • 58 db Noise Level.
  • Baffle Filter.
  • 2 LED lamps which provide perfect lighting for cooking.

8. Prestige 60 cm Auto Clean Wall Mounted Kitchen Chimney

Prestige, without a doubt, is a prime trusted brand across all Indian household so when it comes to kitchen chimney brands, it is also a great brand. Their range of kitchen chimney is designed to suit your kitchen needs and offering a modern solution.

It comes in a stylish high quality heat resistant tempered glass with the canopy and a shatter proof front panel. The U section is made up of high quality mirror finish that covers the suction pipe.

Feather touch controls with digital display add a stylish modern touch.

The turbo suction capacity of 1000 m3/hr eliminates odour, grime without any difficulty. This kitchen chimney is fitted with stainless steel Baffle Filters for maximum air flow and noise free working.

Overall, the prestige chimney has all the stand out features and efficient functions so you can feel a good kitchen experience. The Prestige chimney is also a good option in our top ten kitchen chimney list for you.

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Brand Prestige
Size 60 cm
Suction Power 1000 m3/h
Filter Baffle filter
Design Curved Glass

Great Features

  • Heat Auto clean technology.
  • Ducted chimney.
  • 72 db Noise Level.
  • Material – steel.
  • High Quality Heat Resistant Tempered Glass.
  • 2 LED Lamps.
  • Touch control panel.
  • Digital Display.

9. Sunflame 60 cm Auto Clean Wall Mounted Kitchen Chimney

The Sunflame CH Rapid 60 cm. comes in a stylish steel and finish design. It comes with a stainless steel high-performance baffle filter.

The Auto clean enables the chimney to do all the work of cleaning and removing dust, oils, grease, grimes even to a small extent leaving you to minimal work. You can just clean by removing the oil collector once in a month and put it back.

This Sunflame CH Rapid chimney offers more functional and hassle free cooking options. To the point on the whole, the Sunflame CH Rapid chimney is a good choice to consider before selecting the best chimneys for your kitchen within a reasonable price range. 

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Brand  Sunflame
Size 60 cm
Suction Power 1100 m3/h
Filter Baffle filter
Design Curved Glass

Great Features

  • 62 db Noise Level.
  • Ducted Chimney.
  • Thermal Auto Clean.
  • Material- steel.
  • Feather Touch Control Panel.
  • LED Lamps.

10. Alstorm Magmetic 60 cm Auto Clean Wall Mounted Kitchen Chimney

Alstorm chimney has 1250 m3/h suction power with Heat Auto Clean technology will make it a great appliance. This filterless chimney ensures low maintenance cost. The stainless steel coating  protects it from corrosion.

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Brand Alstorm
Size 60 cm
Suction Power 1250 m3/h
Filter  filter less
Design Curved Glass

Great Features

  • Ducted chimney.
  • Heat Auto clean technology.
  • 2 LED lamps.
  • Touch control panel.
  • Filterless.
  • Noise level less than 56 db.

Frequently Asked Questions about Top Kitchen Chimney

These are most common FAQs about chimneys which comes in mind so check it before selecting best one among top 1o kitchen chimney. 

Which is better kitchen Chimney or exhaust fans?

The exhaust fans are fixed to the wall so it is very difficult to clean and maintain. Over the time, exhaust fan leaves stains and residues along the sides of the wall.

Chimneys are better and easier to use, clean, maintain and fix than the exhaust fans. Advanced versions of chimneys even have auto cleaning features.

Which chimney is better auto clean or manual clean?

Any product that is maintained well has a long life. The auto clean chimney do all the work of cleaning regularly and does not need more service options.

Also auto clean chimney ensures that it removes heat and oil particles effectively. While a manual clean chimney needs cleaning manually, which is a bit tough task.  

Does cleaning chimney regularly makes any difference?

Yes, if the chimneys are not cleaned regularly then the oil particles and sticky substances left inside the filters thus the performance level decreasing and the noise level increase.

What happens if you don’t clean your chimney?

If you won’t clean your kitchen chimney due to this harmful smoke remain inside your house which makes bad odour and suffocation in the house.

How often should you sweep a chimney?

To be free from harmful gases or smoke, it is advisable to sweep your chimney after every three months.


We hope you liked this topmost ten kitchen chimney article. Kitchen chimney will help you to keep your kitchen clean so kitchen chimney is now a days necessity rather than luxury. In this article, we have discussed the top ten kitchen chimney in India.

We have seen that a Ducted chimney is much better than a Ductless chimney in terms of design and performance and also you will need to install a duct for the ducted type chimney.

The duct or pipe throw out the smoke from kitchen so good air quality maintained in the kitchen. Most reputed brands include an exhaust pipe with the package.

So we recommend use an aluminium made exhaust system with cowl cover. This flexible pipe can give you better safety and greater efficiency.

It is always important to select a prime kitchen chimney as per your kitchen size and suction requirement. A higher suction power means better cleaning but it will produce more noise as well as consumes more electricity.

We have tried to cover every factor in details but if you need any more information, then you can write to us in the comment box.

Thank You Happy Buying

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