Washing Machine Buying Guide : Factor to consider before buying one

Basically a good number of washing machines differ in terms of features capacity, load and function. So we are explaining some factors in this washing machine buying guide. These also have unique features such as Quick wash wash programs, Protective Rat Mesh, Child Lock, Hot wash /Temperature control, Digital display and so on.

Major Differentiating Factors of a Washing Machine: Before Buying one

Washing Machine Loading Type – When you talk about the loading type you have to choose between Front load washing machine and Top loading washing machine. Both of these have its own advantages and disadvantages.

Washing Machine Function Types – Washing machine can be Semi Automatic or Fully Automatic depending on the one that will suit your needs and budget.

Capacity – There are small and large capacity washing machines. Your choice may vary depending on the size of your family and washing frequency.

Types of washing machines:

Depending on the amount of manual labour and number of functions , washing machines are categories into two categories:

1. Semi Automatic Washing Machine
2. Fully Automatic Washing Machine

1. Semi Automatic Washing Machine
Semi automatic washing machines are considered to be entry level washing machines. Normally semi automatic washing machines have two tubs one for washing and another for drying.

As compared to the other types of washing machines, Semi automatic washing machines are economical. 9 Best semi automatic washing machine in India 2021.

2. Fully Automatic Washing Machine
Fully automatic washing machine makes washing process fully automatic. Just put the clothes in washing machine and starts the machine no need to pouring water for wash or rinse and moves clothes from washing tub to drying tub.

Only you need to after wash cycle is to take out the clothes. Top 10 fully automatic washing machine in India 2021.

Types of fully automatic washing machines :

(i) Top Load Washing Machine
(ii) Front Load Washing Machine

(i) Top Load Washing Machine
In a such types of washing machine clothes are loaded from the top side as its tub sits vertically in the machine.It has a single tube for both washing and drying , no need to move clothes in between these tubs.

Top loading washing machine attached to water inlet tap, the machine controls the when to take or stop water to maintain the required level of water. It has fewer wash programs. Best top loading washing machine in India 2021.

(ii) Front Load Washing Machine
In such types of washing machine clothes are loaded from the front side as its drum sits horizontally. The front load washing machine is the advanced technology washing machines now a days.

Front load washing machines are equipped with lots of advanced features like timer for when to start and stop the machine, soak the clothes, hot water supply, more than 25 wash programs and advanced child lock.

Front load washing machines gives better wash quality but highly expensive while top load washing machine gives better wash quality and few advanced features within a small budget. Best front load washing machine in India 2021.

How to choose right washing machine?? I recommend watch this short video.

Key Points while choose Washing Machine : Washing Machine Buying Guide

1. Capacity

For decide the washing machine capacity , you will need to consider the number of people in your family and the frequency in which you will be washing clothes.

Basic washing machines take 5 kg or 6 kg of clothes this is suitable for families of two member since it can approximately take two shirts, two trousers, one bed sheet , two towels and two pillowcases.

The ideal size for a three or four member family is 7 kg it can approximately takes three shirts, three trousers, one bed sheet , two towels and two pillowcases at once. For a family of five or six members an 8 kg machine is suitable.

2. Washing Programs

Not all machines will have all the programs mentioned below, but these are the most common ones:

(i) Quick Wash
these programs are present on almost all fully automatic washing machines.They are meant to wash your clothes thoroughly in a shorter amount of time they will usually wash and dry your clothes within 15 to 30 min.

(ii) Daily Wash
this program is meant for those who washing regular clothing and undergarments. It’s a simple program that uses less time and water for items that you wash daily.

(iii) Pre Soak
This one’s meant for heavily soiled clothes. Once you’ve set your washing machine on this program, it will first soak and agitate the clothes thoroughly before starting the normal wash cycle.

(iv) RPM Choice
RPM means ‘revolutions per minute’, and it is basically the speed at which the drum can spin. The higher that number, the better your washing machine is at squeezing water out of your clothes.

Some washing machines allow you to adjust the RPM based on the clothes you’re washing for example you can use 600 RPM for delicate clothes , and that up to 1200 RPM for sheets or towels.

(v) Temperature Control
Washing machines that let you adjust the temperature are useful if you prefer a cold water wash to save energy. Alternatively, you can increase the temperature for soiled clothes.

Higher temperatures allow the detergent to work better, thus removing stains easily. Cottons for example are usually washed at high temperatures.

(vi) Fuzzy Logic
Think of Fuzzy Logic as artificial intelligence for washing machines. Using various sensors and depending on the weight of the clothes you put in, it is able to control the water intake, amount of detergent to be used, duration of the cycle and other factors. It’s hence a very useful mode.

(vii) Time Delay
This mode is convenient if you’ve loaded your washing machine, but want to delay starting the wash cycle until you’re ready to take out the laundry.

For example you might prefer to load the machine at night, but have the laundry ready when you wake up in the morning.

(viii) LED display
Having a LED display is convenient to view detailed information on the wash program, as well as time remaining for the cycle to end. Some machines even offer touchscreen displays although these tend to be more expensive.

(ix) Bubble Wash
Having a bubble wash mode on your machine is always useful since it produces tiny bubbles to go deeper into the fabric and clean your laundry thoroughly.

Different brands have different terms for this mode, for example Samsung calls it ‘Eco Bubble’, while Panasonic calls it as ‘Active Foam’.

(x) Dryer
Available only on selected machines, this feature dries your clothes completely after the wash cycle, so that they are ready to wear when you take them out.


I hope you like our washing machine buying guide, all factors explained in an easy way. So consider these factors before buying any washing machine. This washing machine buying guide surely help you to choose your best washing machine.

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